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Capstone People Consulting is a Capability Building and Advisory Services firm that enables Clients to drive Change through Leadership Development and Culture Change, Build Diverse and Inclusive Cultures through Gender and other Diversities, and through Executive Coaching and Talent Management Advisory services , to help Clients build Workplaces of the Future.

Capstone offers proprietary solutions and approaches drawn from the Thought Leadership of its Partners- all outstanding Experienced Practitioners, Researchers, Consultants, Experts at using validated research insights and draw from a repertoire of vast experiences and success stories- delivered as Learning Solutions.

Capstone is a pioneering Evangelist for Diversity and Inclusion through its immense body of work around Gender, Generations, Persons with Disabilities, LGBTQ and Socio Cognitive Diversities and Inclusion....Read More

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At the Capstone organization, we believe Leadership Development Solutions must be contextually relevant, theoretically robust and...Read More

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Capstone is backed by the seminal work and research of the Women Leadership Forum of Asia...Read More

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Capstone brings in cutting edge Talent Management tools & techniques to lead the "Workforce of One"...Read More

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That the humanities have been largely ignored in Management Literature is a fact - depriving Managers...Read More

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Executive Coaching is a necessary augmentation to Effective Leadership Development and is often seen as more...Read More

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The Learning & Organisation Development Roundtable is a Not-for-Profit Community of Insightful Learners to build Capabilities and Transformational Mindsets that can help Members drive Impactful Change. Founded in 2010, the Forum has grown to represent over 22,000+ Members in India and across Asia, and is currently spanning over 5 cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. The LNOD Roundtable Forum has run over 200+ Learning events and numerous Webinars, Twitter chats, Discussion Forums aimed at building Capability, sharing Best Practices and providing access to Learning & other resources, thereby enabling Insightful exchanges and dialogues. The LNOD Roundtable serves as a Knowledge-sharing and Learning experience platform for Business Heads/ Functional /Line managers of the HR, Learning and OD Community and others. (

The Women Leadership Forum of Asia (WLFA) is committed to building Cultures of Inclusion across Organizations, across Multi-generations, for Persons with Disabilities, for LGBTQ Community and promotes all kinds of Socio-Cognitive Diversities. The WLFA brings together Professionals across Asia to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote Inclusive Leadership in a changing world. The Women Leadership Forum of Asia is founded on the ideology of a model, we call the 4 Cs - Conviction, Courage, Competence, and Commitment to Shape an Equal Corporate Culture as a microcosm of society (


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