Capstone’s Change Consulting through Cutting-Edge Leadership

Capstone People Consulting is a Capability Building and Advisory Services firm that enables Clients to drive Change through Leadership Development and Culture Change, Build Diverse and Inclusive Cultures through Gender and other Diversities, and through Executive Coaching and Talent Management Advisory services , to help Clients build Workplaces of the Future.

Capstone offers proprietary solutions and approaches drawn from the Thought Leadership of its Partners- all outstanding Experienced Practitioners, Researchers, Consultants, Experts at using validated research insights and draw from a repertoire of vast experiences and success stories- delivered as Learning Solutions.

Capstone is a pioneering Evangelist for Diversity and Inclusion through its immense body of work around Gender, Generations, Persons with Disabilities, LGBTQ and Socio Cognitive Diversities and Inclusion.

Capstone Innovlearn is another pioneering offering leveraging insights from the Humanities and Applied Arts- Music, Theatre for Learning and Reflection, from Ancient Wisdom Tradition and Folklore, Poetry and Expeditions. Capstone offers over 15 Theatre Offerings that can open up Powerful dialogues for Culture Change- Leadership Lessons from Jazz Music, Collaborative Lessons from World Music and other thought provoking innovative Learning platforms at Capstone Innovlearn.

Capstone Talentsmart is a contemporary Advisory service designed to help Organizations manage Talent and Build Organizations of the Future. Organization Restructuring and Change, Workforce Planning through Managing the entire Talent Lifecycle from Onboarding to Managing Performances to Talent Development and Coaching to Succession Planning and Development. Capstone Talent Advisory services enable your Organization not only to build a Robust architecture, but sustain the Change!

Capstone’ s Executive Coaching Practise leverages insights from contemporary and relevant Psychometrics like the MHSEQi and FIRO B and uses our Propreitary 90 Minutes to Insight approach to enable Positive Insights that the Coachee can leverage for Personal Reflection and Transformation.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is, not training them and having them stay”

-Henry Ford

Learning that delivers Business Results through the Six Disciplines approach ends the ROI argument on Learning. Capstone brings the 6D Gold Standard of Learning and this seminal Thought Leadership to its clients, by partnering with the 6D company, US – in India for the first time!

Capstone’s Pinnacle Learning LLP helps Sales Organizations in the B to C and B to B space drive Transformation that delivers Business Results. Pinnacle Learning has already transformed traditional Work standards- to build Agile contemporary Cultures that are Performance and Result oriented.

Capstone People Consulting while committed to its journey of delivering Gold Standard Change Management and Learning services. combines this with its commitment to enable the Community to develop Capabilities to drive Change through the The LNOD Roundtable – a forum of over 22,000 HR and Learning professionals (, the Women Leadership forum of Asia( with 11800 Women and Men Executives as members and Leogirl Productions committed to using meaningful Theatre for driving Societal Change.

All these are not for profit, registered Charities supported by Capstone People Consulting, that serve the society with vast support from industry Professionals and Practitioners who contribute through the Governing councils for these Forums.

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